Nerds support the removal of structural and systemic racism within our industry and our society.

We started Nerds as 17-year-olds, with an ambition to champion the culture that influenced and defined who we are.

As a majority white-owned business operating in a majority Black-influenced cultural landscape, we continue to take our role in fighting racism seriously. As a business that works in and around Black culture, we have a duty to give back and go further for the Black community.

Having had time to reflect, we acknowledge that today, in our role as an agency, we have the opportunity to do much more and pledge to take the following actions:


Nerds will continue to support the movement in the following ways:

  • Continue to support the protests in person, through petitions and by educating ourselves and others
  • Donate to US Black Lives Matter to support their campaign against racism
  • Increase our charitable donations to 5% of monthly profits distributed across the following
    UK charities:

    • Power the Fight, UK Black Lives Matter, Black Minds Matter UK and the Stephen Lawrence Trust


Nerds pledge to embark on:

  • Removing the term ‘Urban’ from our brand. Like our peers in the UK music industry, we believe ‘urban’ is a term that has and can be used to stereotype or discriminate against Black creators
  • Removing ‘Urban’ from our lexicon and continuing to interrogate the language that we are using in relation to consumer and cultural groups that we work with
  • Using our digital platforms to champion creative Black talents, beyond those who we employ and partner with on client projects
  • Continuing to work with and champion Black-owned businesses


Nerds will internally nurture the progress of Black talent by:

  • Partnering with A New Direction, a non-for-profit that creates creative industry access for diverse and lesser privileged young people, through structured mentoring and internships
  • Continuing to prioritise diversity at the heart of any recruitment drives
  • Creating an opening at board level for a Black non-exec director to ensure diversity at the highest level of our organisation


Nerds will strive to raise the profile and progress of Black talent in our industry by:

  • Using our voice and influence in the industry to champion diversity in recruitment amongst our brand partners
  • Joining forces with those working tirelessly to diversify the industry from the inside, such as Creative Equals and Urban Development
  • Affect change in this space by volunteering and advising on industry initiatives
  • Lobbying our brand partners to engage more meaningfully with anti-racism